Adanac completes 1000th Fugitive Emissions test

Fugitive emission test performed by Adanac
On 7th July 2011, Adanac carried out our 1000th Fugitive Emissions test. After completing our first test in May 2004, we have never looked back!

‘Fugitive emissions’ are emissions of gases or vapors from pressurized equipment due to leaks, and is the collective term for all leakage from a valve to the environment. In addition to the economical cost of lost commodities, fugitive emissions can substantially contribute to air pollution and climate change, whilst also harming the environment. However, fugitive emissions present other risks. Emissions of certain compounds from Oil refineries and chemical plants pose long term health risks to both workers and local residents alike, and when flammable liquids and gases are contained under pressure, any leaks increase the risk of fire or explosion.

Leaks through pressurized process equipment generally occur through valves, pipe connections and other related equipment. With regulation becoming ever more stringent, valve manufacturers and site engineers alike are recognising the need for emissions testing of valve product.

Over the years, Adanac has tested the fugitive emissions of valves of all types and sizes at our in house test facility; from ¼" Needle Valves to 16" Gate valves, although our capacity does not end there. In addition to testing valve types such as Ball, Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Needle and Check Valves, Adanac has also tested Double Block and Bleed valves and a number of manifold Assemblies. Using specifications such as BS EN ISO 15848 parts 1 & 2 and Shell SPE 77/312, Adanac can undertake prototype and production tests up to ANSI Class 1500. We look forward to the next 1000 tests!

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 18

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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