Flowserve Announces Limitorque QXM Smart Valve Actuator

New Design Helps Lower Total Cost of Ownership for a Variety of Applications

Flowserve Corporation, a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, recently announced the availability of the Flowserve Limitorque QXM smart valve actuator.

The Limitorque QXM is designed for rising stem valve applications, including choke valves and small control valves in the upstream oil and gas, water, fossil fuel and renewable power markets. Important features of the Limitorque QXM include:

• The QXM is a smart electronic valve actuator available with either 6.5 total turns, or a maximum of 20 total drive sleeve turns. This is especially important for small valves that require limited travel and maximum control.

• The QXM encoder employs system-on-chip technology which permits redundant, 12-bit resolution over 20 total turns, or an accuracy of less than two degrees of drive sleeve rotation. This redundancy is part of the built-in self-test feature of all Limitorque smart actuators. This positioning resolution makes the QXM one of the most accurate actuators on the market today.

• The QXM utilizes an innovative brushless direct current (BLDC) voltage motor. This motor design meets most global voltage requirements. This unique feature is an advanced technology that helps eliminate sparks, reduce mechanical and electrical noise, and dissipate heat better than direct-current motors with brushes. The brushless motor is designed to last longer than conventional motors and allows for more accurate positioning. The BLDC motor, in conjunction with the absolute encoder, helps provide the precision users are demanding in their processes.

The Limitorque QXM is available for multi-turn valves that require a minimum of 18 lb. ft./24 Nm to a maximum of 250 lb. ft./337 Nm torque and from 3-24 RPMs.

“The introduction of the Flowserve Limitorque QXM underscores our commitment to creating engineered solutions that help lower the total cost of ownership and increase plant uptime,” said Bill Lyon, director, research and development, Flowserve Flow Control Division.

“The QXM is designed to offer reliability and long life in applications that require an uninterrupted power supply.” The QXM is the latest addition to the Flowserve next generation of smart valve actuators, which includes the Limitorque MXa and the Limitorque QX. There are more than one million Limitorque actuators installed around the world. They serve a wide variety of applications and are supported by a worldwide network of Flowserve Quick Response Centres and service centres.

Flowserve Flow Control
Tel: 01444 314400
Website: www.flowserve.com

Published: 31st August 2011

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