CPI - Composite Valves Come of Age!

With 32 Years of continuous production and over 300,000 valves in use worldwide, CPI’s supplier Nil-Cor have built up a wealth of experience.

Since making its first Composite Ball valve in 1977, Nil-Cor has continually provided lasting solutions to difficult valve applications. Experience gained over the years has resulted in the compilation of a comprehensive guide to chemical resistance, and the development of a range of resin systems to meet the needs of handling different chemicals. As a result, Nil- Cor valves are manufactured with a choice of five resin systems and six seat options.

The resin systems comprise glass or graphite fibre reinforced vinyl ester; glass or graphite fibre reinforced novolac epoxy, and glass fibre reinforced polysulphone.

Utilising these resin systems, Nil-Cor produce ANSI class 150 Flanged Ball Valves 1" to 6"; Three-Piece Threaded Ball Valves ˝" to 2"; Butterfly Valves 3" to 42"; and Check Valves 1" to 12".

CPI Group, based in Nottinghamshire, have been the Nil-Cor distributor in the UK and Ireland for 10 years.

Bob Osborne, business development manager for CPI Group said, “To ensure long and trouble free valve service, it is essential to select the most suitable materials, and having so many Nil-Cor options available means there are few chemical applications for which we can’t offer a suitable valve solution.”

“And, if you want a composite valve actuator,” Bob concluded, “CPI Group can do that as well.”

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 18

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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