Crane Launches New Lined Pipe System

Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions™ launches new lined pipe system for extreme temperatures - Resistoflex®ATL PTFE advanced technology liner

Resistoflex ATL Lined Pipe System

Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions™, leading provider of highly engineered products for fluid handling applications worldwide, recently announced the introduction of its new Resistoflex®ATL Lined Pipe System with Advanced PTFE Liner.

Featuring an outer shell protection that delivers superior permeation control up to 450° F, the Resistoflex®ATL meets the most difficult temperature and pressure cycling requirements. Additionally, its PTFE liner offers a 60% reduction in permeation rate in aggressive chemical services at elevated temperatures. The new product line is a cost-effective solution for handling corrosion in severe service applications.

“The Resistoflex®ATL is a significant addition to our product portfolio and we are proud to introduce this heavy-duty alternative to the industry,” said Johnnie Davis, Resistoflex Business Line Manager of Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions. “By improving upon several aspects of the traditional lined piping system and using the finest materials and technologies available, we are able to provide the most costeffective solution for severe service applications involving extreme temperatures.”

Other features include a standard configuration that includes a premium paint system, vent couplings and PTFE vent extension for the ultimate in housing protection.

Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 18

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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