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the Euro - under pressure

All around us the financial world seems in turmoil, with the Euro-zone in particular looking set for major remodelling it seems. In the real world however, where people still demand – in ever increasing quantities - heat, water and life’s consumables, we remain reassuringly busy. As to solutions for the financial crisis - it seems to me that a few ‘more earthly’ engineers and scientists as financial advisors and Members of Parliament wouldn’t be a bad start!

The special feature of this issue of Valve User is our Annual Review, which we hope will give new and old readers alike a flavour of BVAA and its many events and activities. It seems like only yesterday that I edited the last report, and in my reflection process I realised just how swiftly and comprehensively we see change and development in our industry, and its Association too.

Here at BVAA we recently bid a fond farewell to our outgoing Chairman, Mr Bill Whiteley, who gave graciously of his time and brought great experience, expertise and above all friendship to the BVAA. We welcome Neil Kirkbride (BEL Valves) as his successor, a highly experienced valve industry professional with extensive experience of successful trade associations. Already work has started on preparing BVAA for the next stage of its evolution – watch this space!

Advancements in service, technology and product development are also reflected in the many articles and product announcements from BVAA members in this issue. We very much hope you find them as interesting to read as we did to compile. Enjoy!

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 19

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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