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Bernard Explosion Proof Actuators

Bernard Explosion Proof Actuators

A great deal of research has gone into the new design of these quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuators, in fact over a two year period, customer and end user requirement expectations were collated via an International Forum over the worldwide network. All the information gathered has been examined, understood and implemented in the production of this comprehensive range of electric actuators, fully covering the requirements of both ATEX /IEC-Ex and CSA Class 1 approvals and a comprehensive range of torques.

SQX and STX range from Zoedale Plc
All the new product enhancements and features come with the assurance of the product reliability from the already established, Bernard Controls robust actuator, but providing increased mechanical efficiency for heavy duty actuation. These robust features however are delivered without any detriment to the accuracy and information gathering from the absolute torque and position encoders and sensors, which provide direct drive output information and feedback from the main actuator drive.

The double sealing protector (as seen in picture) which provides a double barrier of O–rings, ensures optimum protection against water ingress - a well thought out great design feature. The protection is still effective even if the cover hasn’t been closed properly or if the cable glands have not been tightened fully, and thanks to internal reed switches, protection is ensured for the local control selectors.

At the heart of the SQX and STX Range is the Bernard Controls user friendly INTELLI+ intelligent and non-intrusive control system, which provides both product and valve information to the user. The INTELLI+ system ensures that critical information required for the longterm efficency of both valve and actuator, is easily and quickly available via a number of feedback facilities, allowing the possibility of valve life and maintenance operations to be optimised.

This great range of STX and SQX explosionproof actuators also benefits from enhanced security protocols and thanks to the INTELLI+ technology package, provides the user with secure access to a whole host of additional product benefits, such as alarm monitoring, partial stocking, ESD and “battery free technology”, as well as providing a flexible safety system maintenance feature, for field-bus and critical maintenance programmes.

A separate control box configuration is an option and can be really useful when the actuator has to be mounted in an area which is difficult to access, or on a high vibration device or in specifically high or low temperature areas.

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Published: 28th November 2011

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