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Many industrial processes require the storage and transfer of fluids through piping, valves and equipment. Often these fluids such as liquids, gases and vapours have inherent temperature characteristics which allow them to freeze, become viscous or undesirably condense at normal ambient temperatures. In order to prevent these problems which typically occur in non-processing periods, it is usually required that additional heat as well as insulation be added to the piping and equipment.

To provide additional heat to valves, a jacket is often applied to the outside of the valve by being welded to the valve. Hot oil or steam can then be processed through the jacket to create the additional heat required to maintain the required temperature of the media.

Whilst a traditional welded jacket provides an adequate solution to maintaining consistent temperatures, there are significant costs involved in the design and fabrication of the bespoke product. In most cases, a standard ‘off the shelf’ valve would be shipped to the fabricators. The jacket would then be designed specifically for that valve, fabricated, welded to the valve and delivered to the customer. Upon completion a fully operational jacketed valve can be installed in to the pipeline. This process would also require a number of weeks to complete.

When the valve, or indeed the jacket, has reached the end of its lifespan, a brand new valve - complete with jacket - would need to be purchased as a replacement, starting the whole design and fabrication process again. Adanac can now provide a solution to this problem.

Adanac’s Flexi-Jacket design offers universal valve jacketing at a fraction of the cost involved in bespoke jacket design and fabrication. Utilising a unique clamp-on design, the jacket is suitable for a whole host of 3-piece valves from some of the world’s leading valve manufacturers such as Worcester, Starline, Habonim, Vinco, Mars, Mecafrance, Kitz, Bonney Forge, OMB and others. With jackets covering a size range from ½" to 2" available from stock, lead times and costs are dramatically reduced. Simply purchase the Flexi-Jacket required for your valve size and fit to your 3-piece valve, or the valve can be sent to Adanac to be fitted with a Flexi-Jacket. The Flexi-Jacket can also be applied to valves already in service.

Flexi-Jacket uses a heat transfer compound which is applied between the clamp-on Jacket and the valve body, ensuring efficiency and a maintained temperature control. The jacket is manufactured in Stainless Steel, is suitable for a maximum working pressure of 10 Bar at a maximum of 150oC and is fully PED compliant. Each jacket features female threaded inlet, outlet and drain connections, and just three sizes cover the complete size range from ½" to 2".

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 19

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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