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Choosing the right Corrosion–Resistant Valve for a Pickling Operation

Nil-Cor 310 series ball valve

At a Pickling Operation comprising a series of tanks, through which a coil of steel is pushed, then pulled, the tanks contain varying concentrations of Hydrochloric acid at 88°C. With the acid being in constant circulation, and with concentrations varying up to 20%, several variables need to be considered when choosing the right valves. The valves not only have to withstand the corrosive nature of HCL, but also have to withstand the corrosive atmosphere of the pickle operation itself. Lined valves are not ideal, due to the need for constant maintenance of the metallic valve body. Additionally the weight and high break out torque required by lined valves, can put undue stress on FRP tanks & piping systems.

Nil-Cor 310 glass reinforced vinyl ester flanged ball valves provide a cost effective solution to the problem. Of solid construction, with the body, insert, and ball compression moulded, the valve is designed to easily withstand varying concentrations of Hydrochloric acid and other corrosives in circulation, being resistant to both internal and external corrosion.

The valve stem is a Hastelloy C insert which is over moulded with graphite fibre reinforced vinyl ester. Likewise, the gland plate, with its integral locking plate and the gland bolting, are of Hastelloy C as standard. Seats are of virgin PTFE, seals are PTFE coated Viton and the Stem Packing consists of PTFE chevrons.

With a break out torque of less than 27Nm on a 50mm valve the possibility of damaging the FRP flanges on tanks or pipe, is eliminated.

The Nil-Cor 310 series ball valve is “CE” marked, PED compliant and is available in sizes 25mm to 150mm PN16, (1" to 10" ANSI 150). It has a continuous temperature rating from -46°C to 99°C at 19 Bar. Short term exposures to 149°C are acceptable, but exposures above 177°C should be avoided.

Each valve is hydro-statically shell tested at 20.7bar, and seat tested with air at 1.4 Bar and 5.5 Bar.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 19

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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