Tyco’s Triple Offset Valve

DN 3000 valve

DN 1800 valve shown with epoxy resin internal lining (Epasfill)
Designed for adaptable use to provide consistent performance and robust operations, Tyco Valves & Controls provides a large bore triple offset valve designed for a wide range of water applications in the power, industrial process and utilities industries.

The RMI Dubex butterfly valve features a resilient seat and disc seal. Supported by in-depth test data and calculations, the valve is approved to KIWA, KTW, PED/CE and ATEX standards.

Available in diameters from 150mm which uses a single piece disc, sizes up to 4000mm can be specified for large diameter applications. The standard single piece disc design uses a rubber seal on the valve disc, which then fits to a metal seat within the valve body. Diameters over 2000mm use a flow-through disc design which balances disc stiffness and flexibility to ensure the valve disc does not suffer damage from water hammer, but is also stiff enough to close when under pressure from the pipeline media.

Designed for versatile use, the construction of the RMI Dubex valve can be adapted depending on the size and application. The valve is manufactured with high quality bearings and leak-tight packing which ensures the valve can operate at lower torque which requires a smaller actuator resulting in reduced operating costs and an extended lifecycle. Due to the triple offset design the valve has a non-rubbing seat /disc contact extending the valve life cycle and reducing maintenance costs. A dry shaft option can also be designed which protects critical moving components for improved wear characteristics. It is specifically designed with pump station, wastewater effluent treatment, circulating water systems, desalination and cooling water systems applications in mind.

Further cost reductions for maintenance and service requirements are achieved through the valve design which incorporates an innovative mechanical disc locking device. This also prevents unauthorised operation of the valve during the maintenance cycle, protecting both plant and service personnel, and is particularly important in large diameter pipe applications where maintenance is often carried out by experienced dive teams inside the pipeline.

Reducing downtime during valve service and maintenance is a key consideration for many plant operators. Through its triple offset design, the valve reduces the amount of settlement which can build up within a large diameter valve by sweeping away any sediment during operation. The valve’s resilient disc seal can be replaced inline, eliminating the need to remove the valve from the pipeline during maintenance operations and improving service turnaround.

For special applications requiring vacuum or buried service, the RMI Dubex valve is available with a butt weld connection. This incorporates all of the advantages of a triple offset, resilient seated butterfly design, with the added benefit of a completely leak tight seal between the two components.

The product can also be configured as a hydraulic controlled butterfly check valve to provide a tight shutoff with non-slam disc operation. This is achieved using a hydraulic drop weight and piston to control the disc operation and avoid damage to the component during closing.

Kees Hartkoorn, Global Marketing Manager, Process Industries, Tyco Valves & Controls comments: “Globalisation of industries has increased demand and expectations for higher-quality components, extended lifecycles and improved performance characteristics. Our Dubex RMI triple offset valve offers a high performance solution for large diameter applications, incorporating innovative design features which improve the overall health and safety and maintenance processes for our customers.”

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 19

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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