Nil-Cor Composite Valves

CPI-supplied Nil-Cor composite valves cut costs in aqueous waste treatment system

A recently completed renovation and expansion of the aqueous waste treatment system at the SCA Chemical Services Facility in Model City, USA, permitted the closure of the receiving lagoons, by replacing them with closed tankage. The new system has virtually eliminated air emissions by venting the closed tanks to a fume scrubber.

The project included 16 closed tanks and other processing equipment, including an ammonia stripper, and mechanical filter presses.

With all the new tankage there came a need to regulate and control the distribution, flow, and processes necessary to treat the wastes. Prior to the project receiving the go ahead, plant personnel investigated and evaluated different kinds of valves, giving safety and environmental concerns top priority.

Since the plant operating personnel were familiar with the high costs and other pitfalls associated with using metal alloy and lined valves, it was decided to put composite valves to the test, prior to ordering. Accordingly, Nil-Cor 310 series composite ball valves, manufactured from fibreglass-reinforced vinyl ester resin, were rigorously tested to see if they would be suitable for the applications.

During the trial period the Nil-Cor valves proved to be inert to over 1,000 chemicals that were present in the processes at SCA. It was also found that the Nil-Cor valves were lighter in weight, lower in cost, and more versatile than the conventional valves that they were using. In addition the Nil-Cor valves were lower in torque, and valves with a characterised ball for control applications involving chemical additives, were available.

Based on the successful outcome of the trials, Nil-Cor composite valves were selected for the £4 million project. Installation was easy; the valves being compatible with different lined and plastic pipe & fittings, and the light weight (about one third of the weight of metal valves) meant that fewer pipe supports were required.

The 258 Nil-Cor ball and butterfly valves, ranging in size from 25mm to 100mm nominal bore, that were installed on the project, continue to perform as reliably and efficiently as the preliminary testing had predicted they would.

Nil-Cor valves are distributed throughout the United Kingdom & Eire by CPI Group.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 20

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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