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Hydra-Valve team at the Spondon HQ

Power Valve 18-48" - Under pressure valve insertion

Permanent Lead Joint replacement & Pipe stabilisation – under pressure
The Hydra-Valve Advanced Valve and Pipeline Solutions Group [Hydra-Valve] may be a familiar name in the Utility world, but few people realise the extent of the group’s services.

The Groups services and solutions can be applied with the pipe line live in most cases keeping the supply ‘Always On’, for Water, Oil, Energy and Gas:

• Emergency response/ repair to pipe bursts and valve repair
• Line Stopping, bypassing, hot tapping, tank tapping and pipe encapsulation
• Sophisticated leak detection and asset mapping
• Network optimisation, improved flow dynamics
• Chamber sealing and live under pressure valve insertion
• Actuation with emergency slam shut function to asset maintenance
• Hydraulic systems including actuation and valves
• Industrial fasteners and IT and telemetry systems
• In-house bespoke design capability using Solidworks and Cad
• Full manufacturing capability with more than 100,000 sq. ft. of production space

This is a strong portfolio of solutions, available as a single source supply, and currently includes the following group companies, all with established track records in their sector:

• Hydra-Valve Advanced Valve and Pipeline Solutions Ltd
• Power Technology Services
• Richards Valves Europe
• Merlin Precision Engineering
• HV – Industrial Fasteners
• Business Essentials UK Ltd.

Cost Saving

At Hydra-Valve we pride ourselves on our quality of service and ability to meet the needs of our customers. As the requirements of regulators and financial constraints become more stringent the continuous development of innovative techniques to meet these requirements is brought further into the forefront. Hydra-Valve continues to develop such techniques which bring with them huge benefits.

Current regulation is driving Utilities to seek lower carbon emissions, risk reduction often without the ability to invest in new plant, improving customer satisfaction levels by maintaining supplies, all within the challenging financial constraints set by OFWAT and the wider economy.

An example of how you can do more with less is the innovative Power Valve – a fully functional valve that can be inserted into a pipe line of up to 48", without interruption to the Water supply, to provide isolation or control point.

Traditional methods for completing a similar ‘isolation’ demands at least 5 major excavations, with associated plant, equipment, labour, permits and permissions, access approval, not forgetting the major disruptions to the environment and traffic, over at least 4-8 week period, costs reaching £50,000 per excavation.

The success of the Power Valve is that it needs only one excavation, and can be inserted within a week, with the Water ‘Always On’, delivering cost savings of £150,000.

These savings can be extended significantly when compared to conventional methods of working, achieving up to 92% savings.

This figure is one Hydra-Valve’s CEO Steve Foster is very proud of:-

“…because this was provided to us by the largest water company in the UK, and is based on actual activities carried out by utilising our innovative techniques. The tasks, randomly selected, included work on varying types of valves, from the very large to very small and in all different applications. These were then compared to their traditional costs, showing a 92% cost saving.”

The team at Hydra-Valve are all seasoned professionals, with specialist, self-sufficient and mobile teams that provide onsite support for all your valving, pipe line, hydraulic and surveying needs. This is certainly one of the factors that have seen success and rapid growth since the group was created in 2011.

Risk Reduction

Each company assists the group with its own methods of reducing risk to network assets, personnel, customers, the environment and financially.

An example of this would be that a line stopping operation might be requested by a customer to allow for the repair or removal of an asset. Bypassing operations may be required to maintain supply requiring a large area to become part of a site. The surveying team would be able to survey this and propose that the asset is refurbished under pressure by Hydra-Valve without the need for a heavily intrusive operation.

Equally, an under pressure refurbishment operation may be taking place and as part of the risk assessment the Hydra-Valve personnel could request the support of Power Technology to provide line stopping service to ensure the safety of the operation whilst still maintaining supply. In addition to this it maybe that asset refurbishment may not be possible so Power Technology would be requested to insert new, fully functional valve into the system, under pressure, without affecting supply.

Carbon reduction and Protecting the Environment

Due to our unique methods, when a company employs the services of the Hydra-Valve group they are making a statement that as well as using more cost effective techniques they are also using more environmentally friendly methods. Calculations using the EA’s own Carbon Calculator mean an average reduction of 0.3 tonnes of CO2 per single valve replacement. Even on a small DN100 (4") the reduction is 97%.

This fulfils the requirements of ISO 14001 for meeting the objectives of a company to reduce its carbon foot print.

All our processes and technologies aim to be completed with reduced impact on the environment when compared with conventional methods, thus achieving the following;

• Zero excavations
• No traffic disruption creating unnecessary vehicle emissions
• Reduced or zero emissions through the reduced or eliminated requirement for motorised plant
• Reduced scale and cost of projects
• Reduced waste and no hazardous waste
• The use of sustainable energy

Emergency Response
As often happens in the winter months, the stress on the asset networks of water and gas companies often see pipe bursts and failures – all completely unpredictable as far as the utilities are concerned.

When a burst occurs, Hydra-Valve can mobilise a fully skilled team and attend site, and within less than 1hour of being on site, will have ‘sealed’ the burst, using the patented and WRAS approved Leak Stop technology.

Using the other skills in the group, the emergency action is converted into a permanent solution. Power Technology will manufacture a full pipe encapsulation and have it fitted to the pipe within 24 hours.

The benefits that this turnkey solution provides go well beyond maintaining water and gas supply to people like you and me. Increasingly, the utilities are also measured on cost, environmental impact, and the inevitable loss of reputation. A swift, permanent response and solution keeps all these to a minimum.

For more information, please visit:
www.hydra-valve.com or visit us at the IWEX on Stand G10 in May 2012.

Hydra-Valve Ltd
Tel: 0844 358 3001
Website: www.hydra-valve.com

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