HSP: Taking the Pressure in the Valve Industry

HSP Teesside Warehouse and Inventory

HSP is the official Stockist for Bonney Forge in the UK

HSP engineers regularly provide site support to customers
HS Pipequipment is a leading supplier of valves to the global Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries. The company provides a total service for the supply of manual and actuated valves to End Users, Contractors, OEM’s and Distributors.

HSP have been operating as a valve specialist to the Oil and Gas industry for 30 years and has annual sales of £25m per annum.

With four Warehouses in the UK and Middle East and one of the largest inventories in Europe, we support customers in all parts of the World.

John Sinclair, Sales Manager at HSP comments: “We are unique in that we provide a dedicated focus to our different customers be they Engineering Contractors, Maintenance Superintendents or OEM’s and make it easier for them to source the valves they require.

“It’s our people, however, that set us apart. Our 40 staff have an accumulated 600 years of valve industry experience and together with an unrivalled attention to detail they provide our customers confidence that the right valve will be delivered on time.

“We also have partnerships with many of the world’s best valve manufacturers which enable us to provide world class products and on time service for all that we do.

“Our Teesside Office supports our Petrochemical and Power Industry customers.

“With £5m of inventory and a team of experienced professionals, we’re able to provide 24/7 support for many shutdown and emergencies. As a result of our stock holding (we hold one of the largest inventories of Bonney Forge Valves in the world) we also provide support to many valve distributors in the UK and internationally.”

The Teesside team have an unrivalled reputation for customer care as a result of their fast and accurate response to all enquiries.

The following are some examples of our service in the last 12 months.

Case Study 1:

During a shutdown one Friday afternoon at a power station in Teesside, steam lines were due to come online the following day, however a number of defective high pressure chrome moly valves were identified. Although HSP held an agreement with the site and had stock on site, the valves were not part of the agreement as they were not usually needed quickly

HSP quickly sourced the valves within Europe and had them flown to Teesside airport for Saturday morning. A member of staff collected them and ensured they were delivered to the correct contact on-site by midday Saturday so that the turbine was successfully re-started that day.

Following this, HSP met again with the client, identified how many valves of this type were on site along with annual usages and introduced them as a new range in their inventory. This now allows for HSP to deliver these valves immediately from stock should the situation occur again.

Case Study 2:

Following the on-time supply of what was believed to be the complete shutdown valve requirement, a local chemical plant on the Seal Sands site discovered, with one week to go, a 30" valve must be replaced in order to have the plant back up and running. The valve in question was not held anywhere in the UK, or even Europe.

HSP managed to source the valve in the US and had it air-freighted from Houston to London Heathrow and put on a dedicated HGV and delivered to site in 5 days. No other supplier was able to quote the valve on a lead-time shorter than 28 weeks.

Case Study 3:

HSP were called to a local refinery to help identify some solenoid valves, which needed to be replaced. It turned out the valves were over 30 years old and had been superseded several times. The valves were required in two weeks in order to have gas burners switched back on.

With HSP’s extensive product knowledge, a suitable replacement was quickly identified and with the support of Maxseal, a standard lead time of 6 weeks was reduced to 5 days and replacements delivered quickly. With the understanding that there were a further 90 units on site, HSP decided to add the item to their stock range to cover any eventual site breakdowns.

Case Study 4:

A local site was having a new plant built in a modular form and a contractor had been appointed for project management and construction.

Working closely with various manufacturers, we were able to identify a suitable seal material for the unique process. As a mixed package, this material was also needed in the gaskets/packing sets in the gate, globe and check valves. We were able to supply all the gate, globe and check valves from stock and carry out packing and gasket changes and deliver to site in 2 weeks. For the ball valves, we commenced delivery from stock and delivered the valves with special seals in just 9 weeks.

Peter Everett, HSP’s Chief Executive commenting on HSP’s continued growth said:

“Much of our growth in the Petrochemical industry is due to our understanding of customer needs.

“Although valve designs have not changed in the last few years, the wide variety of different customer specifications and manufacturers has resulted in a high level of complexity in the industry.

“Our fantastic team of personnel help customers by working through the options available and then source and deliver the right product on time.

“Valve procurement often occurs under tight time pressure and if valves are being manufactured there are often delays that require careful and quick management. We work proactively with clients and manufacturers to resolve all the technical issues and make sure that the right product is supplied on time.

“With 600 man years of experience we really do take the pressure!”

HS Pipequipment
Tel: 01635 201329
Website: www.hsp.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 20

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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