Pump Discharge Butterfly Valve

2400 mm Nominal Diameter Pump Discharge Valve, Body mounted operating cylinder

96" Nominal Diameter Pump Discharge Butterfly Valve, Floor mounted operating cylinder
eTec have supplied and installed new Pump Discharge Valves, valves to interchange within existing locations, and also refurbished Pump Discharge Butterfly Valve for a UK Thermal Power Station.

Hydraulic operated Butterfly Valves can be used on water pumping stations for valve sizes above 300mm. A single Hydraulic operated Butterfly can replace a non return valve and isolation valve combination provided in a pumping station. A single Pump Discharge Butterfly Valve will reduce initial procurement costs, save space and reduce maintenance required.

A hydraulically opened butterfly valve closed by a lever arm mounted counter weight is designed to activate automatically and protect a pump from reverse flow. The valve also provides isolation for pump maintenance, and is fail safe as no external AC power is required. Operating time is calculated to suit customer’s system requirement to eliminate surge pressure. Dual speed closure is possible with throttle valves and adjustable damping in the hydraulic cylinder.

It is operated by a hydraulic power unit and electrical control panel from a local or remote control signal which can be integrated with the pump operation logic. Other design features include streamlined disc design for low head loss saving pumping energy costs. Depending on the flow characteristics an open stopper designed to stop disc movement due to flow disturbance can be provided.

Open and close locking arrangement for maintenance purposes can be provided within the lever or on the non-drive shaft assembly. The Valve can be supplied with the hydraulic cylinder mounted on the valve body. This design eliminates the need for separate cylinder foundation and has no hydraulic reaction forces transmitted to the valve foundation.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 20

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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