CVS increasing Valve Life Expectancy

Purpose built Valve Performance Test Rig

CVS Valve Manager Screenshot

CVS Tower Survey in action to produce a detailed Inspection Report
With a reputation as innovators, Control Valve Solutions Limited (CVS) has launched into 2012 with a comprehensive upgrade of its bespoke valve management software Valve Manager to increase valve life expectancy.

Designed in-house, Valve Manager allows clients to track the progress of every valve being repaired or overhauled as well as receive automatic notifications of forthcoming maintenance requirements. The recent upgrades now mean that CVS’ valve management is fully integrated and the process of clients retrieving data has been simplified.

Mac Stevenson said “The feedback from clients has been extremely positive because they can now better anticipate potential risks and ensure any downtime is as short and smooth as possible. We work very closely with clients to identify all factors and ways to continuously improve production and these have formed part of some of the upgrades.”

The key principal behind CVS’ fully integrated valve management service is that the long term reliability of valves is significantly improved which means that unplanned shutdowns are reduced and planned shutdowns are more efficient.

CVS fully understand that resources need to be focussed and with this in mind its comprehensive valve criticality analysis effectively pinpoints which valves need to undergo immediate maintenance and predicts when other valves will need to be repaired, overhauled or replaced. All CVS clients are also reassured by the fact that every valve is pushed to its performance limits on CVS’ purpose built test rig (pictured) before being signed off.

Clients choose from a modular based valve management service ranging from complete platform valve service with full inventory control through to either a specific or critical valve management service. Irrespective of the level of service the CVS team is thorough about the detail of the information recorded and produce an extremely detailed Inspection Report.

Mac Stevenson, Sales Manager commented that “This level of client interaction relies on the quality of the data retrieved from the initial survey, inspection and the subsequent criticality analysis as well as the comprehensive technical, project management and financial documentation stored.”

As Mac continues to build firm relationships with some of the UK’s largest platform operators he added “Our team of control valve engineers is dedicated to full life valve management and this is where CVS Manager gives clients the utmost confidence in future valve reliability and performance. All the data stored in CVS Manager is accessible to clients who have been fully trained. We are absolutely 100% committed to making ongoing improvements to our valve management service and anticipate a significant increase in demand for our services as clients demand a much better return on their investment in plant and equipment.”

Control Valve Solutions
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 20

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