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James Walker - Definitive guide on improving valve sealing, performance and emissions control

Issue 2 of ‘Improving valve sealing performance and emissions control’, published by respected global sealing specialists James Walker, pulls together a comprehensive range of products and services that are essential for end-users, refurbishers and manufacturers of valves in a compact 24 page publication.

The James Walker product range and applications engineering expertise has developed hand in hand with the valve industry since the company was founded over 125 years ago. Issue 2 of; ‘Improving valve sealing performance and emissions control’, incorporates the latest product specifications and approvals plus the full range of products and services James Walker can offer to those designing, manufacturing or using valves of any type.

Industry-leading products such as TA Luft approved Supagraf® compression packings for emissions control, plus Norsok M-710 qualified FR68/90 RGD resistant elastomer are at the forefront of a broad range of highly relevant products that also includes Devlon® V-API thermoplastic valve seats and Moorside® API ring joints. This makes James Walker ideally positioned to provide a one-stop service for all the sealing needs of end users, manufacturers and those involved in refurbishing valves.

The company offers global support for its comprehensive range of sealing products and proprietary components through the James Walker network of specialised manufacturing sites, technical offices and distribution hubs, with facilities in some locations offering additional valve engineering services including valve reconditioning and testing.

The latest issue of this comprehensive guide for the valve industry is available as a printed 24-page brochure by contacting the company direct, or in downloadable PDF format from the James Walker’s website: www.jameswalker.biz

James Walker
Tel: 01900 823555
Website: www.jameswalker.biz

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 20

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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