Customer survey proves value of Midas Meter®

Customer survey proves value of Midas Meter® Through Valve Loss / Leak Detector By Ronald Simpson and Dave Anderson, Score Group plc

Non invasive valve leak detection receives the Midas touch from Score Group Plc. Score trainees carry out in-house familiarisation training with latest Midas Meter, more info at

Since its launch, the Midas Meter® has helped Score Group plc’s customers to correctly identify problematic valves quickly and easily, thus minimising the safety risks, potential environmental impacts and costly efficiency losses which can be expected from leaking valves.

A potential new customer contacted Score after Midas Meter® was recommended to them by an existing owner. The plant had nine valves located in very close proximity, on three identical trains, which were causing problems due to a long history of leakby during operations and shutdowns. Trouble shooting action plans were implemented to pin point the source of the known through valve leakage, however, these failed to provide a clear result.

Firstly, the maintenance team tried thermography to find the leak, however, there was insufficient differential temperature observed across the valves in question, to properly identify the leak source.

Next, the maintenance team deployed a general purpose acoustic measuring device to identify the leaks, however, since all three trains had high background noise / interference, this technique also failed. The Midas Meter® leak detection equipment was finally deployed, following the owner recommendation.

Despite the extremely high background noise and turbulence around the valves, Midas Meter® was able to conclusively identify the two leaking valves on one train and target them for maintenance.

Having the Midas Meter® as part of the initial plant trouble shooting plans would have saved the customer a great deal of time and effort, leading to significant cost savings in recurring remedial repair work and plant downtime. Based on their positive experience with MIDAS Meter®, the customer proceeded to purchase one.

Give your plant maintenance and integrity teams the MIDAS TOUCH™, to help them with;

• Troubleshooting
• Condition based maintenance
• Predictive maintenance

...whilst also providing major safety, environmental and cost saving benefits in both hazardous and nonhazardous areas.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 21

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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