Tyco’s Largest Ever Pneumatic Actuator

Tyco Biffi has supplied its largest ever high torque pneumatic actuators, enabling high volume displacement with relatively quick closing times in low pressure applications.

Weighing 14,000kg and measuring 6x2x3 metres, two ALGAS actuators were supplied for 46 inch, class 900 High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) valves for The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). The project required a pneumatic quarterturn solution with a fast closing time to be used for transporting gas from Umm Shaif to Habshan through Das Island. 90 additional Algas actuators were also supplied for on/off applications.

Giovanni Boiardi, sales engineer, Biffi stated “The customer not only needed a reliable product but an entire service package from design and fabrication to testing. Biffi’s offering represented the best solution for their requirements in terms of reliability and overall performance.”

The actuator has an internal cylinder diameter of 1800mm and a spring wire diameter of almost 4". It also benefits from a maximum operating output torque of 750,000Nm. With an exceptional flow rate of ± 200 l/sec which allows an operation time close to 12 seconds for a displacement volume of 2,244l, the certified SIL 3 compliant actuator features a scotch yoke mechanism which enables greater output torque versus angular stroke curve. This allows the actuator displacement to be reduced and a shorter valve stroke time. High operation flexibility and high dynamic response are guaranteed through Biffi’s integral quick exhaust mechanism that permits the use of actuated valves with a very short operating time down to less than one second.

The control package is equipped with high quality Westlock Magnum XT-90 proximity switches and Biffi’s proprietary pneumatic booster valve complete with by-pass which is also SIL 3 rated. Both Biffi and Westlock are part of the same actuation and controls division ensuring efficiency in supply, logistics and sourcing for all components.

“All components of the actuators are manufactured at Biffi and solutions can be designed specifically for the customer’s individual requirements, thereby improving performance” explains Paolo Baroni, marketing manager, Biffi. “This also means that we can take responsibility for the actuator as a whole, ensuring high quality and peace of mind.”

The actuators are painted using Biffi’s state of the art coating process which eliminates the emission of both solvents and particulates. Recently enhanced with a new generation of post-combustion equipment, fumes from the production process can be collected and the solvent removed. This investment of approximately $700,000 represents Biffi’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing facilities. With 53 different types of paint available for a wide range of applications and temperatures, increased flexibility is also achieved.

As part of its continued focus on quality and service, Biffi provided a four-year warranty on all parts for this specific project. Biffi can also offer an onsite after sales service on request and customized training program for maintenance personnel.

Tyco Valves and Controls Distribution (UK) Ltd
Tel: 01858 467281
Website: www.tycovalves-eu.com

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 21

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