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Sophisticated district heating technology at Seinäjoki in Finland (top) is supported by SIPOS’ variable speed actuators (bottom)

SIPOS Aktorik has secured a contract to supply valve control technology to an innovative district heating network in Finland. Via the local partner, the manufacturer and global supplier of electric actuation technology has been selected to supply the City of Seinäjoki with actuators equipped with Modbus RTU.

Drawing on its track record supplying actuators for district heating in Europe and district cooling (DC) applications in the Middle East, SIPOS demonstrated expertise in the supply of field devices to secure the community heating project order. The company also illustrated capability in providing the fieldbus communication technology required to support modernisation of the 250km district heating system. The pioneering project has replaced an existing district heating system that used hand controlled valves with a radio controlled solution.

As part of the tender process, site visits were made by SIPOS’ local partner, Aumator who undertook a comprehensive assessment including measurement of wells, valve shafts and flanges. SIPOS’ actuators were commissioned in the summer of 2011: the devices are successfully fulfilling their function and have assisted in heating the City during its extreme winter weather.

District cooling and heating applications benefit from SIPOS’ specialism in variable speed actuation technology which prevents water hammer. As a result of this expertise, SIPOS reports continued significant orders to support collective environmental projects.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 21

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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