Managing Commercial Risk

"Go ahead, sign"

In just one day, BVAA could help secure your Business. Our 1-day, interactive ‘Managing Commercial Risk Course’ is deliberately designed to do precisely that.

Some basic stats:-
• Over 300 have attended course since its development
• Feedback sheets cover... Course Content, Presentation, the Case Study Material, Response to Questions, The renowned ‘Toolkit’
• Candidates’ Feedback on Scale 1-10 for each of above course elements…
• Average score of 8.4!!

Some feedback comments:-
“Content easily transferred across to my duties and responsibilities.”
Sales Engineer, BVAA member

“Covered points which come up in quotations we make.” Sales Office Manager, BVAA member

“The feedback from my teams was nothing but positive. The interactive style ensured everyone’s interests were covered with maximum knowledge retention and practical actions for immediate implementation.” Business Sector Head, BVAA Member for further details.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 21

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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