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1" Fully Extractable Gate Valve

2" Fully Extractable Globe Valve
At Adanac we pride ourselves on our short lead time deliveries of non standard product. From fabricating and fitting jackets for valves to Cryogenic modifications and testing, our customers always expect the shortest possible delivery time without compromising on quality. This consistent level of service has ensured that a large number of end users and OEM’s receive otherwise unobtainable valves from Adanac in an acceptable timescale. This circumstance was highlighted by a recent requirement for a major global supplier of Industrial Gases when their supplier had gone out of business. This placed them in the unenviable position of being stuck without a supplier of vital valve product, but with customer deliveries to meet!

This requirement was a cold box application for fully extractable Gate and Globe valves. Fully extractable valves can be vital components in the manufacture of cold box assemblies, and once the box is installed the cost to access the valves within can be an eye watering figure! Therefore consistent and reliable supply of quality fully extractable valves is paramount to manufacturers of this equipment.

Adanac have built an excellent business relationship with this customer over the years and have gained their confidence as a supplier of quality product on short lead times, therefore following the closure of their previous supplier for fully extractable valves it was the logical step to contact Adanac. Upon receipt of the order, Adanac set to work on the design and manufacture of these valves and the first batch were supplied on a 4 week turnaround. A timescale far beyond the expectations of this customer, and a timescale that enabled them to supply their finished product to their customer without the concern of late delivery charges.

Given the urgency of this requirement our customer was expecting to pay a substantial premium for valves to be supplied in their required delivery timescale, but this was not the case. Adanac provided all valves on time and for a comparative price to our customer’s previous supplier!

We have since received additional orders for these valves, and we continue to provide the excellent service our customers have become accustomed to when dealing with Adanac.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 21

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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