Innovative Spring To Centre Actuator From Kinetrol

A single, nonbreathing, sealed housing contains two clock springs and the patented mid-stop device’

Kinetrol’s spring to centre arrangement consists of a 90 degree vane type pneumatic actuator fitted with two opposing clock type springs and a mid-stop device.

When controlled with a 5 port, 3 position, dual-coil solenoid valve the unit will, depending on which solenoid coil is powered, turn in one or other direction. When the solenoid valve is totally de-energised the springs drive the actuator towards the middle and hold it against central physical stops.

Nominally, the unit travels 45 degrees about the centre of the actuator but this can be simply and precisely adjusted to any mid-position using a vernier scale. The actuator end stops may be used to independently adjust the outer travel limits (up to 100 degrees).

Seven models are available with end of spring stroke torques to over 2400 Nm. Angular travel options to 200 degrees are also available.

Applications include the automation of 3-way valves and the control of processes requiring trickle-feed under electrical and or air supply failure conditions.

Kinetrol Limited
Tel: 01252 733838

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 21

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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