Zoedale Thermal Jacket Programme

Component Protection Material up to 1,000°C

Quarter turn,failsafe actuator, encased in a Zoedale fire jacket as used on dampers in the Holmesdale tunnel

Zoedale Plc is pleased to announce the expansion of their Thermal Jacket programme with the addition of available material covering temperatures of up to 1,000°C. The latest developments in thermal cloth technology are utilised when manufacturing bespoke thermal jackets for both Pneumatic and Electric Actuators. Custom made jackets can be especially designed by Zoedale’s technical engineers for component requirements, so if an unusually shaped product is required, bespoke tailoring is the answer and presents no problem at all to Zoeldale’s experienced team.

The jackets are of a highly professional standard of manufacture and their component insulating capability is second to none. They also provide personal protection from the high levels of heat beneath.

Thermal jackets have historically been used to provide excellent insulation for pipes, valves, flanges and other equipment in the industrial workplace, however, often actuated products, due to their awkward shape, are left without insulation leaving them vulnerable to fire, extreme elements and susceptible to energy loss.

So with Zoedale putting this technology to good use by providing bespoke protection for all Electric and Pneumatic Actuators, the effects of excessive temperatures on expensive and often delicate internal actuator mechanisms are safe from damage.

Recently controlled tests provided certified protection of critical fail safe electric actuation systems for over two hours in temperatures in excess of 400ºC. This potentially lifesaving protection provided by the Thermal Jackets, allowed functionality of key fire safety damper control systems, even after 150 minutes of exposure to enhanced temperatures - ideal for tunnel fire protection systems.

To summarise……
• All of Zoedale’s thermal jackets are especially manufactured to order so that they suit exact requirements.
• Removable thermal covers for even the most unusually shaped products can be bespoke manufactured.
• Thermal Jackets are manufactured using cutting edge twine (or stainless steel for higher temperature work).
• The fastening systems include Velcro, drawstrings, D-rings, straps or hook and wire and you can again choose which design will suit your needs.
• Our thermal jackets are easily removed for maintenance purposes and can be replaced as often as required.

Reducing company’s carbon footprint whilst helping the environment is more important than ever and Zoedale’s products are the ideal energy-saving solution. Fulfilling corporate responsibilities when it comes to energy - rely on Zoedale Plc for helpful advice and assistance. Reliable thermal jackets are difficult to find, bespoke tailoring of these jackets, even harder!

Zoedale Plc
Tel: 01234 832832
Website: www.zoedale.co.uk

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