Gas-over-oil Actuators

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New Year Success for Denholm Valvecare

International valve service supplier Denholm Valvecare continues to fight against falling energy prices and a tough trading climate, with high hopes f...
Valve User Issue 36

Rotork announces the next generation of gas-over-oil pipeline valve actuators – the Rotork GO Range

The robust GO Range now provides a more compact and reliable solution for automating heavy duty valve applications found in the gathering, transmissio...
Valve User Issue 23

Emerson launches Shafer™ SH Series

The Shafer SH Series is designed for high reliability with a long service life and is ideally suited to critical applications. Emerson Process Mana...
Valve User Issue 15

Rotork fluid power actuators in project to provide energy independence for Chile

Rotork fluid power valve actuators have been installed throughout a major new LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) importing and distribution project that is e...
Valve User Issue 14

Shafer Reliability ‘Proven’

This Schafer RPC nitrogen gas-over-oil control system was installed approximately twenty-six years ago and has proven so reliable - and has remained u...
Valve User Issue 3

Rotork pipeline valve actuators in Kurdistan economic improvement project

Rotork Fluid Systems has supplied heavy duty GO Range gas-over-oil valve actuators for a new strategic gas pipeline bringing economic benefits to the ...
Valve User Issue 9