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BVAA’s Peter Churm reports on the recent meeting in New Orleans of the ISO/TC153/SC1 sub-committee c

This latest meeting was also attended by experts from the USA, Canada, Netherlands, France, Italy and China. The results of 2007 Systematic Reviews of existing standards were discussed and these reviews confirmed the continued use of the following:

ISO 5752: 1982"“Metal valves for use in flanged pipe systems - Face to face and centre to face dimensions"

ISO 6002: 1992 "Bolted bonnet steel gate valves"

ISO 17292: 2004 "Metal ball valves for petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries"

The following standards will be submitted for Systematic Review by January 2009:

ISO 5209: 1977 "General purpose industrial valves - Marking"

ISO 7259: 1988 "Predominantly key-operated cast iron gate valves for underground use"

Revision of ISO/CD 10434 "Bolted bonnet steel gate valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries"

After much discussion it was decided not to submit the draft to DIS (Draft International Standard) enquiry temporarily. WG1 is to hold a meeting to continue to evaluate comments received on the CD (Committee Draft) and to evaluate the impact of the revised API 600 standard.

Revision of ISO/CD 15761 "Steel gate, globe and check valves for sizes DN 100 and smaller, for the petroleum and natural gas industries"

It was also decided not to send this to DIS stage temporarily, in order that the impact of API 602 be considered.

The delay in submitting ISO/CD 10434 and ISO/CD 15761 for DIS was due to the deliberate consultation with API on their related standards - a significant development, worthy of note.

Revision of ISO/DIS 10497 "Testing of valves - Fire type-testing requirements"

Two issues were identified. A modification to the introduction was proposed to make reference to the acceptability of previously fire tested certification for valves. Some concerns over safety related issues with procedure were also raised and discussions will continue.

ISO 5752: 1982 "Metal valves for use in flanged pipe systems"

Although a Systematic Review of this standard originally proposed confirmation, the meeting was advised of a proposal to extend the standard to include a larger range of class designated valves and sizes, to include BWE dimensions using EN 558: 2008 and ANSI B16.10: 2000.

ISO/WD 2891"“Industrial Valves - isolating valves for low temperature application"

This Working Draft (WD) had been issued for review and comment. Some specific key areas were reviewed during the meeting and a revised draft ISO/WD 2891 will be issued.

This particular ISO committee covers many more standards than are covered in this report. If you are affected by these, or would like to become involved in the development of valve and actuator standards, please contact BVAA, where we would welcome your involvement.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 6

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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