Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs, Stop Over-Engineering

After exhibiting at Offshore Europe, Pressure Tech picked up on the industry feeling that there is need for dynamic change, with particular regards to the common practice of over-engineering.

The indication that organisations are applying the same old engineering practice and business models, means that there is little chance of cost savings and innovation within the industry. Pressure Tech agrees that in order to promote new and thriving business, the industry needs to change its approach to how we address current issues.

This idea is at the core of Pressure Tech’s approach. We work with our customers to maximise the reliability of our products and specifically develop new solutions to combat issues – driving costs down, while providing industry leading reliability and enhanced functionality.

For example, hydraulic control systems now tend to eliminate bypass valves and use hydraulic pressure regulators to fill the long umbilical lines. As umbilical’s can be several kilometres in length, this can be a slow process - typically due to the low flow capacity of the pressure regulator. Damage can be caused if excessive flow rates with high differential pressures pass through the unit which can result in high resonation or ‘chattering’.

Pressure Tech have developed the LF- 690-03 to allow flow rates up to 40lpm and stable pressure control, even with 12,000psi/830bar differential pressure. Minimising start-up costs, maximising efficiency and reducing downtime are all realised by installing the LF-690-03 with increased flow capacity. Our LF-690-03 eliminates the need for a preliminary bypass and includes our unique ceramic seating technology with a finely balanced main valve element to provide “chatter free” and repeatable control, even to an untrained operator of IWOCS and HPUs. Servicing and downtime is also minimised due to the bottom entry easy access to the critical seating area. Pressure Tech has focussed on solving an issue by re-design rather than adding additional engineering to our product - a costly process that brings significant risks.

• Umbilical quick fill
• Stable
• Repeatable
• Reliable
• Eliminate bypass
• Easy to operate
• “Chatter free”
• Ceramic Seat
• Reduced down-time
• Easy to service

By changing the way we operate, re-design over engineered product, we are able to control costs, improve efficiencies and provide our customers with the confidence that we are continually looking at ways to improve.

Pressure Tech Limited
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 35

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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