Orseal Valves at Filanovskogo – One of the Largest Crude Oil Finds in Decades

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The Filanovskogo (Filanovsky) field, 50k offshore in the Northern Caspian Sea, was discovered in 2005. With reserves of 153.1 million tonnes of oil and 32.2 billion cubic metres of gas, the field is expected to reach maximum oil production at a level of 12 million tonnes by 2017 with maximum gas production expected to exceed 26 bcm by 2028.

The infrastructure at the Vladimir Filanovsky offshore field consists of a 15,200t ice-resistant fixed platform (IRFP-1); a living quarters module platform accommodating 125 people and including a helipad; a 21,000t central processing platform (CPP) to process and pipe the oil and gas ashore, and a risers block (RB) platform, all linked with connection bridges. Construction works include the laying of 330km of subsea pipeline and 350km of onshore pipeline.

For this major project, Orseal won a prestigious contract to supply a range of valves – from ˝˝ to 20˝, manual and pneumatic, actuated and motor operated. Orseal supplied valves in carbon steel to suit the specific temperature requirements of -30 degrees C. All valves needed to conform to the Russian GOST certification standard – with Orseal supplying all documentation and related drawings to ensure compliance. Orseal’s consultancy on this project included not only the specification and supply of appropriate valves, but also all associated logistical support and advice. They were onsite with the supplier for full inspection of all valves to avoid any discrepancies and non-conformance, and to save the client’s time. Orseal engineers assisted with logistics and delivery at the client’s site to reduce any delays, including packing for export to suit air freight and delivery to the overseas client fabricator.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 37

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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