Gee Graphite Provide Gasket & Sealing Products

Founded in 1989 and based in Dewsbury, England, Gee Graphite provide a range of industrial gasket & sealing products through adaptable, high quality, innovative solutions via the constant development of unique methods, using the latest technology

Gee Graphite has an established history of solving application-based problems, including the effects of cryogenic and elevated temperatures, along with vacuum and high air pressure environments.

Providing butterfly, spun metal, double and triple offset valve seals along with high quality sealing components, Gee Graphite focus on complete quality control to ensure high quality, reliable products. Having developed methods of bonding graphite foils to a wide range of metal cores with our in-house laminating system, it allows the laminated material to be suitable for high temperatures, but also prevents delamination during die cutting and water jet cutting processes.

With products made in-house, protocols and product specifications are constantly monitored, reviewed and adjusted to reflect any changes in industry, allowing us to guarantee high quality, bespoke products. As our products are shipped internationally to a variety of markets, it is imperative our quality remains consistent through rigorous control testing.

The latest software available on-site includes, but is not limited to, IGEMS CAD/CAM software. Having one of the most advanced drawing and nesting packages allows us to take concepts from sample drawings in CAD, DXF and DWF formats to working designs for manufacture. In addition, the nesting capabilities of the software allows wastage to be kept at a minimum. Our unique techniques mean we are also able to recycle our graphite allowing us to reduce our impact on the environment.

The vast variety of valve seals Gee Graphite produce, represent the unrivalled experience gained by our staff over the past 35 years.

With flexible graphite, PTFE, RPTFE, Mica type and fibre-based gasket materials, all options are supplied as interlayers and body mounted styles supplied from 2″ (50mm) to 118″ (2950mm), this allows the variety required to meet all customer needs.

In addition, having the capability to produce the seal through waterjet cutting alongside the expertise we possess with regard to flexible graphite, we are able to produce laminated valve seals to suit specific applications. This combination allows for our butterfly valves to be fully machined to customer drawings with reliable quality.

The spun metal seals are also available in a variety of sizes: 2″ (50mm) up to 60″ (1500mm), this method gives a flat and scratch surface regardless of diameter.

To widen the product range further, Gee Graphite also have the capability to machine double and triple offset seals with both inner and outer sealing surfaces in a variety of materials. With some of the options including: laminated, solid, body or disc mounted, graphite layer and combination layers, the gaskets can made bespoke to suit customer needs.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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