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Combination of pressure measuring instruments with instrumentation valves and accessories as a complete solution

Critical situations in the process are often looked after with pressure gauges and process transmitters in combination with valves and protective devices. Plant operators can install such arrangements themselves. Economic and safety-related reasons, however, suggest that such measuring points should be designed by a qualified manufacturer as a complete solution – a “hook-up.”

Pressure continues to be one of the most important measured variables in industry. For the reasons such as safety, reliability, longer service life, optimized maintenance, etc., rarely are the pressure measuring instruments mounted directly on the process pipeline. Very often, they are required in combination with instrumentation valves, protective devices and/or other mounting accessories.

For example, in critical situations such as overload or/and over temperature in the process, the pressure gauges can quickly reach their physical limits and then lose their reliability. To protect the pressure gauges against these process situations and have reliable measuring results, protective devices such over pressure protector and syphons are needed to be assembled on the pressure gauges before they are installed to the process pipeline. For the purpose of maintenance, instrumentation valves enables the pressure gauges to be replaced or recalibrated without effecting the process.

The design and construction of pressure instrumentation with valves, protective devices and accessories must be based on the specific application and process conditions of the measuring point to ensure the desired performance and maximize benefit for the application.

Plant operators can assembly the needed arrangements by themselves. However this would mean:
1. they have to purchase the instruments and required valves, protective devices or/and other parts from different suppliers which generates additional effort on purchasing with regard to supplier maintenance, the risk of compatibility problems and different quality standards.
2. considerable logistical effort, especially when different parts, certification etc. are needed.
3. they need their own resources such as work labour, working bench and all required tools.
4. additional quality controls on the whole assembly to ensure the functionality and reliability such as the tightness of the whole assembly
5. required know-how such as the standards on how to perform the assembly especially when different valves and protective devices are needed for one assembly, how to perform the testing etc.

All these efforts, inconvenience and risks can be avoided with a so-called "hook-up." Manufacturers such as WIKA can supply an application-specific complete solution of pressure measuring instrument, instrumentation valves, accessories and process connection. Completely assembled, tested and ready for quick and easy installation.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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