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Peter Hirst, Senior Applications Engineer, Rotork

Generations of Rotork actuators controlling critical jetty product transfer operations in the Netherlands
While the WG – which meets concurrently with BSI’s PSE18/5 (actuators) - has not met in 2018, we have been busy at CEN, ISO and API standards meetings and development during the year.

Functional safety – “SIL” for Valves and Actuators
A new work item proposal (NWI) has been registered and approved by CEN TC69/WG1 to develop an EN standard specifically for actuated valves. An initial draft was put forward and this was discussed at an ISO/TC153/WG1 “kick off” meeting in Berlin on 11 February 2019. The scope is to define the procedures and methods with which all relevant components of automated industrial valve packages (including gearboxes and mounting kits) can be evaluated according to the requirements of IEC 61508, in order to integrate them into a safety instrumented system (SIS). Paul Reeve of BVAA chaired a BVAA Technical Expert Group discussion and attended WG1 as our delegate.

New standard - prEN 15714-5 Linear pneumatic actuators
prEN 15714-6 ‘Industrial valves – Actuators - Part 6: Linear pneumatic and hydraulic actuators’ - A final draft has been completed, the next stage will be circulation for national comment. CEN/TC69/WG1/SG10 has mooted whether a separate hydraulic linear standard be developed due to the differences between pneumatic and hydraulic requirements.

EN15714-3 Pneumatic actuators - Revision
A proposal to revise EN15714-3 was balloted and approved by CEN TC69/WG1 in May 2018 – we will review the comments when available. This is an important standard, which the UK significantly influenced in its original development, thus we must be fully engaged in any revision.

EN – ISO Standards Harmonisation
With the adoption of the CEN standard for electric actuators (EN15714-2) being the basis for a new ISO standard driven by Korea and China, it seems likely that ISO will in time move to develop pneumatic and hydraulic standards. We must now engage with CEN as we did in the 90’s and 2000’s to ensure our influence and direction is at the forefront of international actuator standards and our needs met. It is CEN’s history of standard development and adoption that has driven equivalent ISO standards development - we must continue being full engaged.

ISO/DIS 22153 Electric actuators for industrial valves - General requirements
This draft standard was balloted and approved with comments from the UK, Germany and Italy and will be resolved at a meeting to be held in Berlin (DIN) on 15-16th May 2019. Publication will follow in due course. An example of the “harmonisation” described above, this draft ISO standard was developed and largely copied from EN 15714-2.

ISO New Gearbox standard: ISO/DIS 22109
CEN’s PWI 69189 ‘Industrial valves — Gearboxes for industrial valves’ has been halted and CEN have agreed to transfer the work to ISO/TC 153/WG1, who have adopted the CEN draft. It has been agreed to skip the Committee Draft stage (CD) and proceed directly with a Draft International Standard (DIS). This has recently been circulated for national comment as ISO/DIS 22109. Any comments must be submitted to the BVAA/BSI secretariat before the March 11th, 2019 deadline.

API revision of ISO 12490: 2011
ISO 12490 ‘Petroleum and natural gas industries — Mechanical integrity and sizing of actuators and mounting kits for pipeline valves’ is being converted by the American Petroleum Industry as API 6DX – ‘Standard for Actuators and Mounting Kits for Valves.’

It appears largely a reformatting exercise with no technical comments yet, but since they might materialise, monitoring continues. This decision indicates that the USA is still prepared to develop their own national standards even if international standards they previously helped to develop already exist.

2019 activity
BVAA experts will continue to attend CEN & ISO meetings and our WG will provide support and guidance for members who actively input into actuator standards development.

As ever, I very much welcome and appreciate your contributions, support and attendance in helping to maintain the influence, development and relevance of our industry in challenging times.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 48

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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