ISO/DIS 22109 Industrial valves — Gearbox for valves

What is it?: This document provides basic requirements for gearboxes to operate industrial valves for manual and automated on/off and modulating duties, this includes manual override gearboxes. It includes guidelines for classification, design and methods for conformity assessment. It does not cover gear systems which are integral part in the design of valves and subsea gearboxes.

Why is it important?: This is a draft for public comment of the new ISO for Gearbox for Valves. This work was originally started in CEN. The CEN work item was WI 00069189 and this was the responsibility of TC69/WG1/SG10. Now is your opportunity to make comments on the proposed ISO text.

Supersedes: This is the draft of a new international standard.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 48

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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