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One great thing about the BVAA Desktop exhibitions is the flexibility and efficiency they offer.

The scope of potential suppliers on the market can mean hours of endless supplier visits which can take up valuable time. As we all know time is a very precious commodity in the 21st century.

To maximise proficiency and streamline the process, our desktop exhibitions are organised to connect the supplier with the client over one quick and effective slot (usually over a lunchtime period), which seamlessly integrates networking and productivity.

The recent desktop exhibition at ConocoPhillips was no different and provided a platform for clients to meet a raft of potential suppliers. The exhibition hosted 25 visitors to see our exhibiting companies.

This event took place on the 19th February 2019 at ConocoPhillips office in Aberdeen.

Our desktops mean suppliers can effectively discuss and promote their products in an environment geared up for showing new innovations.

BVAA welcomes everyone. The desktops are equally useful for up and coming engineers for educational purposes who can see the products in the flesh, as well as the senior procurement experts.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 49

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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