A Company Assembling its Future

We are conscious of where we come from but we are focused on where we are going

Within that cloistered world which is the valve industry the name Shipham has been granted unparalleled stature because of its history. In 2023 the Shipham name will celebrate 225 years of valve making.

Today that once Company name is a brand within the Wartsila Valves family that respects and acknowledges its past but is much more interested in assembling its future.

As a first step towards this, new company with a new outlook, we have re-located from the centre of Hull into a 60,000 sq ft, architecturally better suited facility in Brough, about 10 miles away.

The business, which currently boasts Robert Cort, John Mills and Shipham brands in its product portfolio is fast re-establishing itself again, as a reliable supplier of high quality valve products.

The formation of key supplier alliances and an overall supply chain reliability is enabling us to cultivate a highly successful design, develop, assemble and test production model that will keep us competitive in today’s market.

The current workforce is already congratulating itself on its contribution to the worlds future happiness and enjoyment.

Our gift to the forthcoming FIFA World Cup competition has been to supply the valves that will control the Fire Suppression system at the, soon to be built, Hamad Airport expansion scheme.

Our completion of this order will enable the Airport development to be completed to schedule, which in turn will facilitate and ease entry into the country of Qatar for all travellers arriving to support their teams or to simply enjoy the spectacle.

It is Wartsila’s intention that our former pre-eminence as the market leader in the design and supply of all types of isolation valves, in exotic materials will be regained and their continuing support and ongoing investment is testament to their commitment to the achievement of this goal.

Although our business focus is currently aimed at the Oil & Gas industry sectors, Wartsila’s involvement with the Marine industry sector has encouraged us to re-enter this market with growing success with the Naval Defence requirements of several European, South American and Far Eastern Navies.

In addition to this, we have been successful in the support of environmentally friendly applications promoted by Wartsila MOSS / Services by supplying multiple sets of NAB and Super Duplex Butterfly and Dual Plate Check Valves as part of the installation of Scrubbers Systems on vessels.

By installing an exhaust gas cleaning system such as a Sox scrubber, the ship can operate, using less expensive heavy fuel oil and still be compliant with International Maritime Organisation emission regulations.

Tel: 01482 323 163
Email: dave.hammond@wartsila.com
Web: www.wartsila.com

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 49

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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