NWIP ballot on ISO 5117

What is it?

The attached new work item proposal is to create a new ISO standard “Automatic steam traps - Definition, classification, test requirements and methods”. Creation of the new standard would lead to the withdrawal of ISO 6554:1980 “Flanged automatic steam traps- Face to face dimensions” and the merging of ISO 6948:1981, ISO 7841:1988, ISO 7842:1988, ISO 6552:1980 and ISO 6704:1982 into the new ISO 5117.

The Project Leader is M. Debajyoti Maulik (Canada). If the NWIP is approved, then a new working group WG 15 "Automatic steam traps" will be created.

The attached draft document establishes a classification of the main types of automatic steam traps according to the mode of actuation of the obturation device. It covers mechanical, thermostatic, thermodynamic and electric steam traps. This document specifies the test methods applicable to automatic steam traps. The current ISO family of steam trap standards involved are listed below:

Why is it Important?

The creation of the new proposed standard by merging the 5 existing standards and dropping the face to face standard ISO 6554:1980 is a significant change in steam trap product standards. The changes proposed will potentially revise the current test procedures and product definitions associated with production of steam traps.

The proposed revision will also introduce a fourth category of steam trap, the electric steam trap, into the standard. This new design of electric steam trap is operated by generating its electrical power from the system heat energy and is therefore designed to be self-sufficient in terms of power.

All companies currently involved in the specification, manufacture and sale of steam traps according to ISO standards are likely to be affected by this proposed new standard.

The UK vote on this new work item will be agreed by members of PSE/18 based on the recommendation of PSE/18/1 and take into account BVAA member views.  Consequently, the BVAA invite comments to the Secretariat on the proposed content of this standard before 2/9/2020 in order to assist BSI in casting the UK vote. Please note that the default UK vote is to abstain so please make your comments in plenty of time if you support this proposal. If there is a positive vote on the new work item there will be an opportunity to propose UK experts to work on the development of the new standard, therefore please also indicate  if you would be interested in offering to support the working group in your comments. 

Published: 24th August 2020

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