Emerson Solutions: When the going gets Hot?

Within the industry we often encounter a range of challenges, whether that’s facing immensely low or high temperatures. But whatever the challenge, Emerson has bespoke solutions to offer. In recent times -60 degrees has been a common request which Emerson can provide resolutions for. However, the higher temperature range is often forgotten.

Most electronic devices fail above 100 degrees C. For over 70 years Emerson has offered a switch which not only operates at over 200 degrees C but is also SIL rated, proven in use, and a very reliable Nuclear qualified in the GO Switch Solution. 

However, in some case that’s still not enough. Some applications require feedback above that of upto 400 degrees continuous operation. Emerson have a high temperature switchbox solution that can also offer that. This is suitable for radiant heat application such as furnace doors where safety feedback may be required at higher temperatures than ambient. Finally, what if 400 degrees is still not enough, where a large package costs many £100’000’s of pounds. In an event of catastrophic failure the Emerson Package can be supplied complete with K-MASS coatings. This allows additional time to give feedback and also operations.

From our valve automation centres we can supply a complete package fully supplied with K-MASS coating. Or even individual parts such as switchboxes, which will continue to offer feedback on a critical installation in vastly higher temperatures.

Or parts like Biffy, Keystone, Fisher, Hytork and Bettis Actuations, linear rotary or electric? We all hope we will never need this extreme solution. However relatively low, higher ambient temperatures can be achieved in some applications. When feedback is required and with modern electronics at the source, high temperatures are not as welcome.

With GO switch 200 degrees, subsea, pressurized one switch suits all, it uses internal simple technology, but externally 70 years of working at extreme conditions fit and forget technology that is often replicated by others. GO is still the original and no one has the proven in-use data or longevity we have examples of installation 40 or more years in the harshest conditions still “Go” ing strong..

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https://www.emerson.com/en-gb/automation/asco  or Mike Howells mike.howells@emerson.com Business development manager 07714714657

K-MASS solutions for more details please visit tdiuk.com or Ray Browne  rbrowne@tdiuk.com  General Manger 01380 816079

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