Emerson to Host ACHEMA Sessions

Aimed at Improving Operational Performance and Environmental Sustainability

Thought-leadership keynotes, customer case studies and technology presentations will outline ways to digitally transform operations.

Emerson will host a series of presentations at ACHEMA Pulse that outline how advanced automation technologies can help chemical and life sciences companies make step change improvements in operational performance and environmental sustainability. As an exclusive partner of the virtual event, which takes place on June 15-16, 2021, Emerson will offer thought-leadership keynotes, customer case studies and technology presentations that inform participants how to successfully digitally transform operations to meet the challenges of decarbonisation, increasing efficiency, improving quality and reducing time-to-market.

Underpinning these sessions will be a range of customer experiences, with Covestro guiding participants through a distributed control system migration project at a batch production plant, BASF explaining the benefits of control system health monitoring, and Dow discussing the importance of applying functional margin, when proof-testing valves, to increase reliability and safety. A presentation by Evonik will provide insight into digital transformation in process plants, Dynea will discuss implementing wireless monitoring solutions, and Applikon will explain how to reduce drug research and development costs and reduce time-to-market.

In the first of two keynote presentations, Roel Van Doren, group president global sales at Emerson, will explain how advanced automation technologies can help industrial companies address their environmental sustainability challenges, such as improving energy efficiency by optimising equipment performance and meeting the demand for clean fuels, such as hydrogen. In a second keynote, Peter Zornio, Emerson’s chief technology officer, will look at how emerging technologies are creating new industrial computing architectures that help to transform operations and drive efficiency improvements.

“Equipment reliability and process availability impact the ability of chemical companies to achieve performance targets,” explained Van Doren. “The presentations we are hosting address this challenge, outlining ways to mitigate process upsets and maximise uptime, digitally transform operations for greater reliability, and safely migrate to modern solutions while maintaining production. For life sciences companies, there is a need to reduce costs and increase the speed from clinical to production with high regulatory compliance. To support this, we will demonstrate how Emerson can help to streamline operations and debottleneck processes, and create effective solutions for data management, real-time product quality, reliability and operating costs.”

A key focus of the Emerson-led sessions will be ways of achieving environmental sustainability goals. This includes implementing solutions that enable the use of alternative fuels and low-carbon power sources, the reduction of energy and material use in production systems, and the management and removal of production emissions. Emerson experts will address the subjects of emissions monitoring, control and optimisation, driving energy and reliability performance through improved control, and accelerating the transition to a hydrogen future.

“Industrial companies must make a strategic shift in environmental sustainability,” said Van Doren. “We are therefore dedicating multiple sessions to addressing this challenge, including presentations that highlight decarbonisation opportunities, examine how optimising control loop performance helps improve energy efficiency, and outline the role of automation in meeting greater demand for hydrogen.”

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Published: 29th June 2021

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