Bernard Controls: New Smart Phone App

In 2017, Bernard Controls launched their brand-new BC App. It revolutionized the setup of electric actuators enabling the simple running, setting up and maintenance of products through a secure and encrypted Bluetooth connection. This comprehensive new App is designed specifically for Bernard Controls actuators with the latest generation of controls (SMART controls).

The Bluetooth encryption grants user’s full security and provides the best possible protection against any attempted unauthorized access from third parties. Further security measures include access codes which are required to read and change the actuator’s settings. In addition, all user connection logs are registered and available in the app.

Bernard Controls Actuators and Actuator’s Access Codes can be changed at your fingertips via your smartphone through the BC App.

  • By default, the command or settings of the actuator require a physical access to the actuator
  • The remote command “Local Command Inhibition” can be activated at any time from the DCS

The BC APP is a Local/Remote Control that provides far more advantages than basic local remote control: easy settings, clear alarm’s description, diagnostics, direct assistance.  


Smart control solutions offer advanced monitoring and diagnostic functions, such as Emergency Shut Down (ESD), Partial Stroke Test (PST), alarm customization, programmable signalling relays and timer to name a few.  

Thanks to these SMART control features, maintenance can be predicted, reducing OPEX costs with a platform that is easy and efficient to use.

This offers a user-friendly experience thanks to clear information about actuator operation and users’ connections (humidity, temperature, vibrations…) which provides an enhanced control of the entire process.


The electric actuator settings can be set and adjusted in just a few clicks. Operators can upload the configuration to speed up the time of commissioning for many actuators with the same configuration.

The whole commissioning process is made easier thanks to the straightforward and intuitive interface.

Bernard Controls’ Smart electric actuators connected to the BC App allow users to collect a great deal of information which can help with system diagnosis and aid in scheduling preventative maintenance of valves, and consequently reduce any need for expensive emergency maintenance.


Through the application users can access professional assistance and consult technical documentation (wiring diagram, dimensional drawing, IOM manual) thanks to its inbuilt Digital Library.

Innovation is omnipresent at BERNARD CONTROLS. With an organization designed to stimulate development and creativity, the company can design and build extremely high-tech products. By constantly enhancing skills and processes, solutions are optimized to fully answer market needs.


NEW BC APP' | Bernard Controls

Tel No: +44 7435266310

Published: 29th June 2021

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