Proximity Switches

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Striking the Perfect Balance

Whilst system balancing is one of the more complicated tasks faced by commercial heating engineers, it needn’t be beyond most installers. ...
Valve User Issue 49

Plants based on the Lego principle: modular automation is the answer to volatile markets in process industries

Shorter production runs and increasingly varied requirements from the same plant: these are the market demands which more and more process plant manuf...
Valve User Issue 43

RFID Chips on Valves and Actuators?

The increasing requirements for identification, documentation and control of maintenance processes also place increased focus on the individua...
Valve User Issue 41

Total Lifecycle Approach to HIPPS Provides Reliable Pressure Protection for Downstream Systems: HIPPS lifecycle management ensures optimal functionality in an emergency

From oil and gas production facilities through to refineries, overpressure events can cause lost production and also severe damage to the environment,...
Valve User Issue 41

T-T Flow: The Number One Choice

T-T Flow, specialists in bespoke valve solutions, have recently secured a number of custom jobs which has made them the number one choice when it come...
Valve User Issue 37

Weathering the Storm: F31K2 – Valve position sensing with a global view

Traditionally, limit switch boxes with mechanical, magnetic or inductive contacts are used to detect the position of the valve in valve actuators. How...
Valve User Issue 23

K Controls ATEX & IECEx Dual Certified Exi Switchbox

Is specifying “simple apparatus” as simple as it seems? Using micro switches in intrinsically safe circuits to monitor valve position is co...
Valve User Issue 21

Pepperl & Fuchs Valve Position detection

Inductive proximity switches are an inherent feature of sensor technology in many machines and systems, and have become virtually indispensible in aut...
Valve User Issue 15

Valve Position Detection in Modern Process Installations

In the process industry, valves and actuators are historically used for controlling and diverting fluid flows. Increasingly the plant engineers want a...
Valve User Issue 12

Pepperl+Fuchs New Literature for Valve Position Sensors

The new catalogue from Pepperl+Fuchs focuses on valve position sensors, interfaces and networking solutions for process applications. The selection ta...
Valve User Issue 12

Proximity switch turns 50: The inductive proximity switch - indispensable for modern automation

In 1958 - 50 years ago - the proximity switch was invented in a Mannheim laboratory owned by Pepperl+Fuchs. What was originally conceived as a custome...
Valve User Issue 9

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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