Second Generation 007C Control Monitors from K Controls

The Klearvision visual indicator is an option on the 007C

Compact 007C shown fitted to a rotary pneumatic actuator

007C shown with the cover removed
During the last decade the number of companies specifying integrated “Control Monitors” for on/off pneumatically actuated valves has been increasing. The interest came initially from end users and contactors, but now that the concept is better understood and accepted, valve resellers will often present the concept to their customers. The idea is simple; replace the switch and solenoid enclosures with a single unit and save on space and installation cost.

A second generation of 007C Control Monitors are now available. The internal pilot solenoid is now laid on its side so that a low profile cover can be fitted. In addition the pneumatic control valve has been moved to the underside of the unit, into the space that would be normally occupied by a standard bracket. The 007C can be fitted to a rotary actuator using a stainless steel mounting kit with or without a visual indicator. The top mounted “Klearvision” indicator is also available. A range of slotted drive levers allows the 007C to be fitted to linear actuators of different stroke lengths; replacing a banjo mounted solenoid valve and two separate switches.

A single conduit entry is all that is required on the 007C because the switches and solenoid can now be connected via a single multi-core cable. This makes for a particularly neat installation that eliminates cabling, glands and local junction boxes. The solenoid is close to the actuator and protected from impact. (With remote solenoids there can be slower response times as air is exhausted from long runs of interconnecting tubing and solenoid identification in cabinets can also be a problem).

The 007C is available 3/2 for single acting actuators, 5/2 for double acting actuators or 5/2 with dual solenoids for double acting “stay put” actuators. The pneumatic connections are ¼” BSP and the CV is 0.5. The pneumatic connection to the actuator is short and direct. The IP66 enclosure is readily accessible via just two captive cover screws to reveal the switches, solenoid(s) and terminals. Switches can be mechanical, reed or inductive proximity. The angled cover gives easy access for switch cam adjustment. A wide range of solenoids are available from a number of different manufacturers that have both global reach and an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. The pilot solenoid(s) can be optionally fitted with a momentary or maintainable manual override. (The manual override is “tamperproof” because the cover has to be removed before it can be operated).

Fitting the 007C with solenoids that have Piezotronic or low powered coil technology makes it compatible with remote I/O, PROFIBUS® PA or FOUNDATION™ FIELDBUS systems, thereby eliminating lengthy cable runs between the valve and the control room. Versions of the 007C are available gas and dust certified ATEX II 2 GD Exia, for use in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. In non-hazardous areas integration can be carried one step further via the addition of AS-interface® and DeviceNet™ fieldbus cards and M12 plug and socket connectors.

So rather than sending two enquiries, one for a switchbox and one for a solenoid, why not consider the 007C when you next have an application?

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 22

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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