Score Training Unveil Widely Anticipated Compression Packing Course

Score Training and Multimedia Productions Ltd. (part of Score Group plc.) will this month deliver training in Compression Packing to external clients for the first time as they launch the newest in their range of expert engineering courses. Committed to safe operating.

The course comes following the UK HSE’s decision to make all hydrocarbon releases above 1kg reportable, making gland packing leaks an essential focus for the oil and gas sector as a whole. Valve leakage is not only expensive to the industry but can be hazardous, toxic and potentially fatal. An Oil or gas leak in any process poses a massive threat to the plant, its personnel and the environment – Causing a risk of fire, oil spills or explosion and increasing the volume of harmful atmospheric releases. In order to maintain HSE compliance, adequate measures for the regulation of aggressive substances MUST be in place but ensuring a workforce possesses the know-how to maintain such practices can be a difficult and costly procedure.

Score Training have developed a solution; the oneday Compression Packing course-a unique blend of classroom based theory and practical experience-will enable candidates to control the associated risks by:
• Building an awareness of where gland packing issues may occur allowing candidates to identify problems and adopt a proactive approach to maintenance
• Training delegates in the practice of correct inspection techniques and the correct procedures for the safe installation and removal of compression gland packing
• Providing an understanding of how the gland packing function actually works
• Building an appreciation for the different packing types and the key stages to selection, inspection, and installation with a distinct focus on safety and trapped pressure awareness.

Ensuring plant personnel are fully equipped with the knowledge and ability to manage possible dangers means that potentially disastrous situations are not given the opportunity to arise.

Conrad Ritchie (Chairman of STAMP) said, ‘Score Training identified the immediate need to develop this course content. The reduction of hydrocarbon releases is a key focus area and is a focus area with the UK HSE. Valve leakage is not only expensive to the industry but can be hazardous toxic and potentially fatal, we will continue to do all we can to help operators reduce emissions.’

The course is part of S.T.A.M.P’s innovative Hydrocarbon Containment Management Programme™ which targets the key areas at the source of all hydrocarbon releases. The course is now also available as a standalone course to third party clients.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 23

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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