Hot Spot common approach to proof testing of pressure equipment

By BVAA’s Technical Consultant, Peter Churm

A draft technical report on a common approach to proof testing, prCEN/TR 764-8 “Pressure equipment and assemblies – Part 8: Proof test” has been prepared by CEN/TC 54. “Unfired pressure vessels”/WG 55 “Inspection and testing”. It is presently registered at preliminary stage.

This European Standard consists of eight parts which are:

Part 1 Terminology – Pressure, temperature, volume and nominal size;

Part 2 Quantities, symbols and units;

Part 3 Definition of parties involved;

Part 4 Establishment of technical delivery conditions for metallic materials;

Part 5 Compliance and Inspection Documentation of Materials;

Part 6 Structure and content of operating instructions;

Part 7 Safety systems for unfired pressure equipment;

Part 8 Proof test

Part 8 addresses the proof test of items of pressure equipment and assemblies. It is intended to establish a common approach to fulfil the essential requirement 3.2.2 of Annex 1 of the pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC, to be used as a basis in the specific product standards. It takes into account the existing guidelines adopted by the European Commission, detailed in Annex A.

Once accepted, the common approach presented in this technical report should be used as a basis in the CEN technical committees dealing with pressure equipment or pressure assemblies, when their standards are revised, or when new standards are developed.

Therefore the draft prCEN/TR 764-8 is now submitted to CEN/TC 69 for comments to be considered by CEN/TC 54/WG 55 during its next meeting in April 2013.

Therefore the National Standardization Bodies having comments have to send them to CEN/TC 69 secretariat by 22 February 2013. Any comments from BVAA members should be forwarded to BVAA for onward submission by 15 February 2013.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 24

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