ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics add to their range of conforming materials

ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics have been at the forefront of PTFE fluorpolymer technology and other high performance plastics such as PEEK, PFA & PCTFE for over 50 years and during this time have pioneered many new materials and product solutions.

PTFE is synonymous with low friction but the material which was developed quite by chance in the 1930s, has many more unique properties. Virtual universal chemical resistance, a thermal operating range -260˚C to +260˚C, dry running capability, high fatigue resistance and resistance to weathering are some of the appealing features of this material. Unfortunately PTFE also has some limitations in terms of wear resistance and its tendency to creep or cold flow under pressure.

In response this, ElringKlinger have developed a range of organic and inorganic fillers which can be added to the base PTFE compound which have the ability to massively improve performance for a given application. Understanding how these fillers and combinations of fillers affect performance in terms of wear, extrusion resistance and load capacity for example, allows selection of the correct compound for the final application. Having the right material is one thing but many industries have their own acceptance criterion so in many cases, additional testing is required. As a recent example of this and to further their growth in oil and gas markets, ElringKlinger now have an additional 8 compounds which have been successfully tested according to Norsok M710. A list of all materials and conformity declarations are as follows:

Direct food contact (FDA, 10/2011, GMP,)
Biocompatibility (USP Cl. VI, ISO 10993,)
Chemical and thermal resistance (Norsok M701, ISO 1817,)
Electrical Conductivity (ATEX)
Use With Oxygen Contact (BAM) Cleaning, packaging and labeling according to ASTM G93-03

All materials can be engineered into finished products for sealing, bearing and bespoke engineered solutions suitable for service in the harshest of valve applications.

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Email: sales.ekt@elringklinger.com
Web: www.elringklinger-ep.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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