DMI Young & Cunningham Ltd acquire International Procurement Ltd (IPL)

The IPL business found itself in some financial difficulties during the early part of 2018 and had called in business advisors and subsequent liquidators FRP

The business was put up for sale and after visits, deliberations and discussions with FRP, the Directors of DMI Group voted that IPL would make a worthwhile bolt-on investment for its valve company DMI Young and Cunningham Ltd.

This new DMI acquisition, IPL which is quite different to DMI Young and Cunningham (Y&C) will operate as a trading name of Y&C. Retaining its IPL identity for marketing, supplies and services but adopting Y&C’s systems for purchasing and invoicing. IPL brings along with it an added advantage to the DMI Group of increasing Y&C’s knowledge and everyday offerings to General Industry, Power Companies and Oil Refineries with the extra bonus of Steam Technology and even more diverse Actuation solutions, provided by world renowned suppliers.

IPL who are based in Stockton-on-Tees , will have its warehouse stock relocated to Y&C’s North Shields site . This will not involve any loss of jobs and the present staff will still operate out of the Tees Area, where they have been based since 2003. IPL will continue to provide critical and severe service, isolation and control technology. IPL will continue extending its product range to serve its growing global process markets, offering the same efficient service they are accustomed too. Val Fitzgibbon will still be running the IPL office and will be the main, day to day contact on: +44 (0) 1642 625495

IPL’s 15-year long trading history proves it has the technical ability to offer Total Isolation and Control Solutions, ensuring each customer gets the full benefits of consistent process quality, safe operation and efficient and high productivity.

DMI Young & Cunningham can trace its history even further back to 1924. Our other Y&C brand, Dobbie McInnes has an even longer history providing gauging and control systems. Throughout this time the business philosophy has always been to offer to the market the highest quality product at a competitive price, well designed and expertly manufactured, guaranteeing longevity of service. This philosophy of value will continue in the future.

DMI Young and Cunningham Ltd manufacture bronze valves and other bronze castings to order. Utilising the vast experience of the workforce here in North Shields. As well as manufacturing Y&C also stock our own bronze valves and partner valves, ready for immediate despatch.

One of our specialities is Repair and Refurbishment of our previously supplied valves and actuators, many still in service after 20 to 30 years. Our engineers, technicians and sales staff always strive to provide the highest standards of customer service, quality of workmanship and seek to exceed our client’s expectations. We are ISO accredited.

Tel: +44 (0) 191 270 4690

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