Presenting the NAMUR Mount Hygienic Valve for EExme and EExd applications. What Wash Down Applications

With some of the problems incurred in washdown applications, SMC have now developed a valve that brings longer life to actuated assemblies who in the past have suffered down time due to failure of the solenoid from caustic washdown fluid and ingression to working pads. The valve also has a special EPDM duckbill exhaust protector check valve that allows air to escape and prevents washdown particles entering the
engineered plastic body made from PPS (polyphenylene Sulfide). A Transition plate can be flippedto change the valve function from
three way two position to four way two position for flexibility of use and reduced inventory...

? High temperature and chemical/ corrosion resistance for use in wash down applications.
? Suitable for use in steam.
? ROHS compliant.
? 10w Power Consumption 0.5 watt for compatibility with AS-1 Bus system.
? Manual override system.

For further details, contact your local SMC Sales Engineer, or alternatively contact SMC on 0800 1382930.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 2

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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