Introducing TrevitestX - the newest model of TEAM’s premiere in-line test system for safety and pressure relief valves

A critical component in maintaining a facility’s productivity, safety and profitability is to ensure that every valve is operating at peak efficiency while meeting relevant safety requirements.

With the Trevitest™ system, TEAM has the ability to test relief valves and identify those in need of adjustment or full service while the unit remains online with no operational interruptions. It enables the user to measure several types of phenomena to assist in the testing of safety and safety relief valves.

Specifically, it is able to measure pressure, lift or displacement, and sound via acoustic detection.It may be used in the testing of most steam, vapor, and liquid valves being manufactured today.

Over the years, Trevitest has evolved with improvements in software, hardware, and technology. The newest version being introduced to the market is the TrevitestX – a smaller, lighter, and more data secure model.

“As part of TEAM’s comprehensive valve repair solutions, the newest TrevitestX testing technology enables our clients to recognize sizeable and immediate benefits,” said Team. “This model provides enhanced secure data resulting in clearer insights and further solidifies our company’s commitment to continued valve diagnostic testing and repair innovation.”

The new TrevitestX model features include:

• Reduced weight and system complexity to improve the speed of testing and ease of use
• PC based using the latest Windows 10 (64) bit operating system
• Lower signal feedback noise with the incorporation of USB technology
• Improved accuracy with 16-bit resolution (input and output)
• 4-20mA sensor feedback with no degradation of signal due to distance
• Load, pressure, position, and accelerometer readings within .1% accuracy
• Data export capabilities which can be uploaded into a valve management system

A key differentiator of this version is it is the ONLY lift-assist device that can perform both pre and post calibration with the use of an optional closing ram.

It is also the ONLY lift-assist device qualified for use in nuclear applications.

Because the TrevitestX is more accurate and easier to use, TEAM technicians are able to test each valve at a quicker pace, therefore providing additional cost savings for the customer.

TEAM offers end-to-end safety valve repair solutions that incorporate the TrevitestX testing technology with superior repair and maintenance services.

Whether on a daily or emergency basis, TEAM’s highly trained technicians are able to provide a quality and comprehensive solution specifically engineered to meet each customer’s needs.

The TrevitestX began its roll out in June.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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