Velan Steam Traps: New and Improved

Velan’s new range of thermodynamic traps

Velan’s new universal steam trap with standardized connection fitting.

Velan’s state-of-the-art facility in Leicester, UK.
Velan, a global leader in valve manufacturing, was actually originally founded on steam traps. In 1950, A.K. Velan created a revolutionary bimetallic steam trap with unique features that remain unmatched by rival manufacturers to this day. Velan has supplied these high-performance steam traps on superheated steam lines in thermal and nuclear power plants and in refineries and chemical plants worldwide.

More recently, Velan has introduced a variety of new and improved products to complete its steam trap offering. The new universal steam trap with standardized connection fitting is compatible with most other manufacturers’ trap modules. The built-in check valve and strainer enable high performance and the Stellited seats provide longer life. What’s more, Velan steam traps can be installed in all positions and contain a self-aligning precision ball. The universal steam trap is ideal for steam tracing in refineries.

Velan is also proud to announce a new range of thermodynamic steam traps. This cast stainless steel offering comes with or without a strainer. The hardened disc and seat provide extra value in this cost-competitive trap, which can handle large capacities and is ideal for steam tracing.
At Velan, all of our steam traps are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility located in Leicester, England. The factory has been re-designed with lean manufacturing principles in mind, thereby ensuring continuous production flow and increased manufacturing flexibility. Numerous assembly lines flow seamlessly into the testing area, which features a 1500 psi boiler system. These enhanced production capabilities have all been implemented within the past few years and complement our new and improved steam trap line.

Unique features of Velan bimetallic steam traps:

• Only steam trap to offer Stellited seats
• Segmented design provides closer tracking of steam saturation curve
• Fast warm up due to larger venting orifice
• Built-in air vent as standard feature
• Positive trapping; becomes even tighter during superheating
• Two-step drainage for full orifice venting during normal operation
• Standard built-in check valve prevents back pressure

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Product Manager
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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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