Schuck Group Asia Gas Pipeline Contract

Schuck Type G Fully Welded Ball Valve, 42" Class 600 with Schuck G 0-8hp/DLQ

Finished installation complete with Solar Panel

The main valve control system is the Schuck SEC 200 which has proven to be reliable and robust in all conditions.
The Schuck Group has recently completed the design, manufacture, supply
and commissioning contract for 150 42" ball valves for the Asia Gas Pipeline Project

Timur Lenk Head of Schuck Sales explains: The pipeline runs 1,818 km from Uzbekistan to China across some extremely rugged and demanding terrain which made the project very challenging in many ways. In some areas the pipeline runs through regions with limited highway access and in many cases telecommunications and a suitable electrical supply were not available due to the remote location.

Despite the lack of an electrical power supply and telecommunications facilities in some places, the valve and actuators must be of a high integrity and operate and communicate reliably with the main gas pipeline control centre at all times.

Schuck, in co-operation with the client, developed and supplied a reliable solution ustilising solar energy to provide the actuator power, communications and monitoring facilities. The system provides energy for up to twenty days irrespective of weather or climatic conditions.

The SEC 200 provides reliable communication with the control centre, monitors solar energy, charging current, battery voltage, valve position etc.

Additionally the SEC 200 monitors the gas pressure in the pipeline and relays this information to the control center providing a comprehensive operational overview at each valve/actuator location at all times. The use of solar technology to power the actuator control system is possible because of the very low current input of the SEC 200.

The entire solar powered actuator system has been approved in accordance with the ATEX directive for use in environments where there is a risk of explosion, and its distinguishing features are its compact construction, proven operational reliability and versatility.
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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