Planned maintenance saves costs

Hertel Valve and Rotating Services’ experience in maintaining and servicing valves and rotating equipment has been built from working in some of the most demanding environments

The petrochemical, offshore and power generation industries require maximum performance and the maintenance routines Hertel has developed in partnership with its customers are designed to ensure performance and reliability. Hertel is an international group that has been providing industrial maintenance services for over 100 years. Since entering the British market in 1975 Hertel has grown organically, today employing in excess of 3000 people throughout the key industrial regions in the UK, in its core services of scaffolding and insulation.

More recently, the company has expanded its scope of services in specialist areas through strategic acquisitions. One key acquisition was in 2006 when it bought Aker Kvaerner’s Engineering Services workshops and maintenance business.

For valves, pumps and rotating equipment Hertel has a Total Asset Management programme, providing a total life responsibility for all forms of assets enabling maximum performance through a managed maintenance routine. Hertel’s approach to valves and rotating equipment helps to ensure maximum uptime, and is a firm advocate of the company’s dedication to building long-term partnerships.

Clive Burkinshaw of Hertel Valve and Rotating Services explains: “We believe in thinking with our customers, helping them to reduce the cost of ownership of their assets. In the majority of cases we find that a repair can achieve what the customer needs, avoiding the unnecessary use of new parts.

“In these cases, considerable cost savings can be delivered while extending the asset’s life cycle when a planned maintenance programme is in place. We can identify where a part is under performing, more than likely due to ‘wear and tear’. We can act before there is more drastic action is needed that could affect the operation of a plant or facility.”

Clive adds; “Like any business relationship two-way communication and trust are key ingredients to establish a successful relationship between supplier and contractor. When an on-going relationship is established all historical job data is stored within a database and this is regularly reviewed to give Hertel the ability to highlight where problems are, or could be, happening. Hertel audits each asset so that stock can be held to quickly obtain should they be required. This is particularly effective during an overhaul.”

“We are often called in to carry out maintenance work at short notice and where there is an existing relationship, we are able to react quickly, 24-7. With knowledge of the plant we are able to take the right actions to minimise downtime. If an OEM part is required it often has a long lead time, up to 12 weeks, to produce and deliver. By evaluating the issue to understand the problem, Hertel is often able to repair the asset to the original product standard within days.

Hertel operates a transparent pricing structure. Our philosophy is to develop long-term relationships and to have an open book policy on costs. This helps us to build trust and understand our client’s business to focus on achieving cost effective solutions. Often due to on-going maintenance programmes Hertel is able to bring added value by repairing rather than replacing equipment to achieve the same result.

Our experience means that all our maintenance work meets the guidelines set by the OEM. In addition to the HSB procedure IQTECH.03, we are audited regularly by our customers to ensure that we are performing to their expected standards.”

Hertel operates a ‘hub-and-spoke’ service, with the central Valve and Rotating workshop based on the Wilton International Site, Teesside, with dedicated workshops based throughout the UK. This allows for flexible services for routine and urgent services, supported by the Wilton facility for larger planned operations.

Hertel (UK) Limited, Tel: 01642 469532

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

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