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Wire Decoiler feeding copper wire to one of TWM
In a recent survey produced on behalf of TWM, the response to how customers described the company was pretty much unanimous. ‘Reliable’ was the word used in almost all cases.

TWM clients require the highest of standards in terms of quality and deliverability whilst also depending on TWM to be flexible and reliable. TWM are used to accommodating clients who have urgent field operation demands, or those with larger more complex projects. It is this ability to recognise the different requirements of their diverse client base that has gained TWM a worldwide reputation and sustained a consistent level of growth in difficult times.
TWM specialise in the design, development and supply of Spring technology to a wide spectrum of industry worldwide. Their in-house design and Research and Development Tool Centre compliment their vast facilities, offering a fully integrated service to clients, whether it’s for small or large quantity production.
TWM Designer Engineers work with clients to determine best practice standards and design attributes for Spring technology, drawing on over 200 man-years of expertise, making sure that all product specifications are determined and met. From manufacturing centres in Aberdeenshire & Buckinghamshire TWM are equipped with the latest spring production technology and tooling equipment to ensure continued production capability and rapid turnaround of urgent projects.
QUALITY - ISO Standard
At TWM, all manufacturing accords to the quality standards of BS EN ISO 9001:2009, certified at half yearly intervals.

Manufacturing Capabilities
TWM provide a fully integrated manufacturing facility using the latest Spring technology providing:
• Design, Development and Tooling
• Research – Prototyping and Sampling
• Automatic and Hand Coiling / Forming
• Spring wire Production capabilities up to 14.4 mm
• Flat strip Production capabilities up to 3 mm
• Parts Cleaning – Passivation & Degreasing
• Heat Treatment
• Sub-Assembly

TWM Spring technology is used across a wide variety of applications including:
• Extraction & Fluid Control Valves
• Actuators
• Pumps
• Oil & Gas Wells
• Well Heads
• Gas Seals
• Oil extraction equipment
• Downhole pump equipment
• Wind Turbines
• Propulsion systems
• Rotary, Seals and many more....

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 14

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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