Shuttle Ball Diplomacy!

New innovation from Pressure Tech takes the pressure off the chattering classes

Pressure Tech Shuttle Ball

It may be annoying in the library. However, in water glycol and other hydraulic systems chattering - or unstable frequency resonance - can be seriously bad news. Now for the good news! The Shuttle Ball, a highly innovative new product from Pressure Tech, dramatically reduces the problem, as well as bringing a host of other significant benefits. Clients in the oil and gas industries can look forward to reduced downtime, lower costs, lighter maintenance and faster servicing.

So how do Pressure Tech do it? In a nutshell, through the innovative thinking thatís earning the Glossop-based regulator manufacturer a burgeoning reputation. The Shuttle Ball is but the latest example. Itís a unique component that makes the already popular LF-690 hydraulic regulator massively more efficient than any other product on the market.

So why is the Shuttle Ball so effective? In any high pressure system, the regulator is critical. In turn, the fit between the valve and seat is critical to the effectiveness of the regulator. Yet uneven wear and chattering often cause a poor seal. This means leaks, more frequent maintenance and increased downtime.

Enter the Shuttle Ball. Crucially, it maintains a perfect seal, promoting even wear and solving the chattering problem that can prove so damaging. It all means greater control, less downtime, longer service life plus speedy service insitu thanks to easy access to the seating area.

Lasts five times longer than competitors! The secret of the Shuttle Ball is the revolutionary TX2000 ceramic material that both valve tip and seat are made from. It lasts a staggering five times longer than even tungsten carbide! With massively superior resistance to cavitation and erosion, itís guaranteed to outperform all metal and plastic-seated regulators. Stable control and positive shut-off on liquids under pressures from 10-1000 bar are further benefits. Altogether, you can expect the ultimate protection in harsh hydraulic system environments.

Of course, for all this extra performance you would expect to pay more. Not with Pressure-Tech! As ever, the LF-690 regulator with Shuttle Ball represents exceptional value for money, and is supported by flexible delivery.

Pressure Tech, Tel: 01457 899307

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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