Tyco’s New Literature for Oil and Gas Industry

Tyco Subsea Brochure

Biffi Subsea Brochure
Tyco Valves & Controls has released new literature for its specialist range of subsea valves & actuators used in the oil and gas industry. Two new brochures, Tyco Subsea Valve Solutions and Subsea Actuation Systems, focus on its FCT and Fasani valve brands, and Biffi actuators and demonstrate its in-depth knowledge of shallow, deep and ultra deep water applications.

With oil and gas exploration continuing to push the boundaries of valve and actuator engineering, Tyco Valves & Controls has similarly developed its products to meet the latest demands of the subsea
industry. The new literature highlights subsea valve and actuation applications and showcases the business’ capability in providing complete valve and actuator packages, engineered to meet specific project requirements. Supported by a dedicated technical team and backed by facilities including specialist testing capabilities, such as simulating conditions at 3000 meters water depth, oil and gas operators can be confident that valve and actuation products from Tyco Valves & Controls will meet and exceed the standards required.

“We have continually invested in our facilities, research operations and product development, and this has enabled us to develop an industry-leading service with the capability to provide Finite Element Analysis (FEA), deep water simulation and a wide range of stringent tests,” comments Jim Headridge, Oil & Gas Industry Manager at Tyco Valves and Controls.

“Our new literature ensures our customers can be confident when selecting valve and actuation products for subsea applications. We test our products in state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers and our engineers tailor bespoke valve and actuation packages. Effective subsea valve and actuator specification often benefits from the early involvement of an experienced manufacturer and through our new literature we hope to provide some initial guidance and advice to our customers.”

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 17

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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